Koncept Furnishers management continuously strive to develop a culture where Administration , Customers, Suppliers and the public experience fairness and respect in their relations ; Supplying Material to Koncept, Purchasing furniture and working in Koncept Furnishers. It is strong belief at Company that it should be Profitable, Economically sound , shall provide good place to work and on the top of all things its Products i.e. Furniture should be high quality, stylish and affordable so that people can create beautiful homes and office that they can enjoy and be proud of


Koncept Furnishers grew in two directions. Office Furniture & Domestic Furniture. Chief Executive is very actively involved for almost two decades in manufacturing Furniture for almost every major Organization of Pakistan through his projects working as Contractors. These Government departments apply strict quality Check and demands cost effective Furniture. Supply of Furniture includes University Offices, Hostels, Hospitals and Parliament Halls of Government. So the Management at Koncept Furnishers knows to manufacture Furniture with Equal Zero-Errors Production technique. Huge amount and this vast experience is invested and result is acceptable. The company has the privilege to supply Furniture to all the provinces of Country and it is generally appreciated.


The basic rationale for Koncept Furnishers is that in situations of rapid change Company's system should be flexible, adaptive and productive .For this to happen, Focus is always on commitment and capacity to learn at all levels. Company is very much keen in building its Knowledge base in terms of managerial and Technical. Workshop is equipped with modern machines. Staff is skilled with proper knowledge of Machine operations as well as Hand-Crafted Traditions of this area.


Finished products are displayed in beautiful and appropriate scenes; free design assistance is available at company's display to finalize the need and dreams of Customers.


Regular visits are made to major Furniture Manufacturers and display houses nation wide to have a comprehensive knowledge of this particular segment of the market. Special emphasis is laid on current furniture styles and trends in international market. International exposure of company's Staff is of great value which not only enhances the vision but also gives the Company the capability to provide its valued customers the international standards in Furniture. At such venues Company's Staff got the opportunities to discuss the changing techniques of production as well as use of new raw materials which not only gives a new look but also sometimes proves much cost-effective in terms of money and also in terms of environment protection (replacing wood substitutes, thus leaving more trees un-cut). Attending International Events and meetings and implementation of new ideas is supported by attaining superior financial performance which resulted in a strong balance sheet. This allows Koncept Furnishers greater flexibility to respond in a continuously changing market and business environment.